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Toshiba Challenge Code BIOS Master Password


Toshiba Challenge Code BIOS Master Password

Step 1: Turn laptop on.

Step 2: At Toshiba logo, press F2. You now have a black screen with Password =. Press keys one by one in this order [CTRL] [TAB] [CTRL] [ENTER]. There’s your Serial Number & 5×5 Challenge Code.  (If not, remove charger & battery for 5 minutes then replace & redo above process)

Step 3: Add To Cart, go to Checkout.

Step 4: Under Additional Information – Order Notes, enter the complete 5 x 5 Challenge Code (ABC12 ABC12 ABC12 ABC12 ABC12) NB: DO NOT turn your laptop off – the Challenge Code is different on every reboot.

Step 5: Complete your purchase.

Step 6: Your password & full entry instructions will be delivered to your email. Allow up to 2 hours but usually you’ll receive it within minutes.

Step 7: Give us a 5-star Google review.


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