How To Unlock Laptop BIOS

At we supply 100% Guaranteed BIOS Master Passwords & full installation instructions.

We show you how to find your challenge code & how to enter your BIOS Master Password. We so not expect you to be a full-on PC geek, so we provide free support via WhatsApp Live for real person, real time assistance.

We WILL unlock your laptop or your money back. Guaranteed.

This is how to unlock your BIOS-locked laptop:


The Challenge Code is the code that we analyse to generate the BIOS Master Password. Also referred to as Key Hint, System Disable Code or Rescue Password. Here’s where to find it on your laptop:


Press F2 as laptop boots.  Next window is “Enter Current Password” – enter any password 3 x. Now you have “Enter Unlock Password” window. Press Enter, there’s your Unlock Key Hint.


Password entry screen appears at startup. Press Enter 3x. Now you see System Disable code & Service Tag code.


Repeatedly tap F2 key on boot. At Enter Password window press Alt + R (or Alt Gr +R)

Enter Rescue Password window appears with machine date code. Copy the date code.


On boot the Password entry screen appears. Enter an incorrect password 3x. Now you see the Challenge Code for your laptop.


Either of two methods. The BIOS password screen appears on booting with F2.

Enter an incorrect password 3 times, a challenger code window will now pop up on newer laptops. Copy that code.

If no challenge code pops up then enter the following codes, pressing ENTER key after each.  


The key code is now on screen, copy that.

DO NOT turn laptop off until you have your BIOS Master Password, the key code is one-time.


Press F10 or whichever  Function key takes you to BIOS/CMOS Setup. At Enter Password window, type any password 3x.

Now you have “System Disabled” message and your Challenge Code.


Press F1 key on boot.  Enter Password window is next, click See Password Hint.

Now you have Password Key Hint. Copy that.


Repeatedly press F2 key on boot like a crazy monkey until you see  Enter Password window. Click See Password Hint.

Now you have Password Key Hint. Copy that.


Enter Password window shows immediately on boot. Enter any password & hit Enter 3x. 

Now you see System Disabled window with 12, 18 or 44-digit code. Copy that.

Sony / Vaio

Repeatedly tap F2 key on boot until Enter Bios Password window appears. Hit Enter key 3x. Now you see Enter Onetime Password window. Copy the 4 x 4 code above password entry field.

DO NOT restart your Vaio, this is a one-time password.

Challenge Code to Master Password

Having identified your Challenge Code, find the correct product on by EITHER searching from the top right corner OR clicking through to the shop page. Select your laptop manufacturer then the matching product.  Hit the Buy Now button – BIOS Master Passwords are available from just 5.

PayPal is our payment processor so you can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or from your PayPal account.  You’ll need to include your Challenge Code in the order – we generate your BIOS Master Password from it.

When you finish your transaction, our system kicks into gear. Very soon you will receive an email from us containing your BIOS Master Password & detailing any special entry requirements.

Please remember – if at any stage you aren’t 100% comfortable with the process, then hit the green “Hi, How Can I Help” button for live, real time assistance from a real person.


Immediately following sale completion, we will generate the BIOS Master Password for your laptop according to the information you have given us. We then email it to you.

We will do this as quickly as possible, usually you will receive your password within a few minutes. Please allow up to 4 hours in case of rare unforeseen delays.

The BIOS Master Password is accompanied by full instructions as per this example:

Master Password Generator for DELL laptops (Suffix Version)
Copyright (C) 2016-2022

Suffix: A95B, 595B, D35B, 2A7B, 3A5B, 1D3B, 1F5A, 1F66, 6FF1, BF97, E7A8, 8FC8

Input: DELL321-6FF1
Master password: LzRvZotm3bb8ffMc

z – zulu ( lowercase )
v – victor ( lowercase )
o – oscar ( lowercase )
t – tango ( lowercase )
m – mike ( lowercase )
3 – ( digit )
b – bravo ( lowercase )
b – bravo ( lowercase )
8 – ( digit )
f – foxtrot ( lowercase )
f – foxtrot ( lowercase )
c – charlie ( lowercase )

Password is case-sensitive

Please note that the password is encoded for US QWERTY keyboard layouts.
After entering your administrator password, hold down the left CTRL key and
press Enter twice.


We don’t expect our customers to be computer experts, that’s why we’ve made this process as simple & easy as possible, providing full instructions with every password.

Our WhatsApp Live Assist  is there for your convenience. If you have any issues at all, hit the green button & talk to a BIOS Unlocking Expert in real time. We’ll talk you through the process step-by-step.

We Guarantee

That our BIOS Master Password will unlock your laptop or you get your money back.

If our BIOS Master Password does not immediately unlock your laptop, please use the WhatsApp Live Assist for guidance.

If we cannot solve the problem & your laptop remains BIOS locked, we will refund your full purchase.

Dispute Resolution

(We won’t be having a dispute – our passwords work.)

The PayPal service includes a Disputes Resolution Process for consumer protection.

If you have followed the process above & are still dissatisfied with our service then you are able to access the independent 3rd-party PayPal disputes resolution process.

But really, you won’t need to. We just put this here as a feel good backup. Our passwords are good. They work.

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