What We Do

The image below, that is what we do & it’s all we do. We provide BIOS Master Passwords that successfully unlock BIOS locked laptops.  We’re good at it so all our passwords are 100% success guaranteed or your money back.


We provide WhatsApp Live Assist service to help you to unlock your laptop.

If you're having any issue with this whole Laptop BIOS Master Password thing, just click that WhatsApp button - real person, real time assistance for you. Free.

BIOS Master Password Generators

We use a series of BIOS Master Password generators covering the vast majority of current model laptops sold by the popular manufacturers. Having done the painstaking research, we now offer the service to you.

You get the benefit of hundreds of hours of painstaking research to unlock your laptop from just 5!


We supply BIOS Master Passwords for almost all laptops made by famous manufacturers such as Acer, Alienware, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, LG, Samsung, Sony/Vaio & Toshiba products. 


Every day we unlock famous models such as Thinkpad, Elitebook, XPS, Predator, Precision, Area 51, Envy, Spectre, G-Series, M15, Latitude, Odyssey, Flash, gram, Vaio, Probook, Vostro, VivoBook, Zenbook. & many, many more.

It's what we do.

Great Value

For a fraction of the replacement price, our BIOS Master Password will unlock your laptop. Spend a little, get a lot.


We 100% guarantee our BIOS Master Password will unlock your laptop - or your money back. 

You can't lose!


We turn useless BIOS-locked junk back into useful technology - in just a few minutes.

Using our services saves BIOS locked laptops from an early grave & helps ensure a full electronic device life cycle.

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